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Bring clarity to the direction of your life! Identify your key strengths and abilities!

My name is Anne. As an energy intuitive and astrologist, coach and guide, I will work with you to provide you with a view of your overall personal energy and planetary personality profile. This will information will bring clarity to the direction of your life and a better understanding of your interactions and relationships with others. I am gifted with the ability to feel your personal energies and even suppressed emotional blockages that may unknowingly exist in your body. Combining that with your personal birth chart information, I am able to give you tremendous personal insight which will help you take charge of your life.

Personal Insight = Personal Empowerment!


Understanding your key energetic make up - strengths and weaknesses - is a powerful way to unlock your full potential. Become a more effective communicator and learn how to better manage self limiting thought patterns and to live the authentic life you were always meant to live.

Get a brand new perspective on your life!

By using the ancient science of astrology developed 5000 years ago combined with the intuitive guidance I receive we are able to create an overall road-map to help you understand what makes you tick - discover more about yourself and your soul mission. Much of my research has been in the area of mapping natal charts to psychological triggers. 

It's a Sign...

There is a reason you found me and are reading this. Let's talk! You will be glad you did!

About Me

My Story and Services

After a near death experience, it lead to an awakening of my true calling -- which is helping others master their own energy to improve their health, relationships and overall well being to bring more joy and abundance. 

What I Do


I help my clients become the best version of themselves. I service both global and local clients and take great pride in ethics and honesty in my work. I have personally experienced many challenges in my own life and overcome many obstacles (including near-terminal illness, narcissism, anxiety and depression to name a few). I was able to heal and take back control of my life.

I am honoured to bring my teachings to you. I have been gifted with claircognisent and clairsentinent psychic and empathic abilities to tap into the bigger picture of higher consciousness.

Become a Master of your own energy.

Awakening and Ascension


Spiritual guidance is my core offering -- as a way-shower and messenger for those on the ascension path. Having achieved quantum or 5D state, I am able to share with you the knowledge and insights I have acquired. I am an activator and its quite common for clients to feel elevated energy after a meeting.

As an empath, or energy intuit, much of what I share with you is based on what is coming in at that time. I use a variety of tools to get a picture and energy profile. Every reading will be unique to you as i do not always know what message spirit will want to deliver to assist you on your journey.

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For questions or requests for customized readings, please send me a message. I will get back to you soon. Appointments will be scheduled promptly. 

With thanks!

-- Anne --

Ontario, Canada